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PSR Plastics Ltd is an established company servicing many diverse industries with a broad spectrum of Engineering Plastic Components. We pride ourselves on being able to offer components made from a variety of plastic materials including Polyethylene, Acetal, Nylon, Polycarbonate PTFE and many more. Our modern facilities contain CNC and manual machines capable of providing simple or more complicated finished parts.

The successful philosophy at PSR Plastics is based upon understanding our many customer’s needs. Providing quality products within the time constraints of a fast moving market is paramount to our success.

PSR Plastics has built a reputation for reliability and quality over many years. The company is constantly re-investing in it’s employees and its capacity and will continue to be a recognised name in the market of engineering plastic components.

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PSR Plastics specialise in the production of Engineering Plastic Parts and have a modern machine shop containing a comprehensive range of CNC equipment. From Routing and Milling to Turning and Profiling, we have the capability to undertake our customers diverse requirements.

In addition to our machining capability we are fully committed in understanding that short lead times are also a critical concern to a large number of our clients, with this in mind we have the flexibility to expedite any orders requiring this priority service.

The quality and origin of our base materials are also of key importance to us at PSR Plastics. We have built long term relationship with many key manufacturers and suppliers who are based in the UK and Europe.

Our many years of experience in plastics is always on hand to offer technical support in answer any questions you may have on design or martial selection for your component or application.


CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing). Investment by PSR in the most up to date versions of these software programs, allows us to seamlessly transition from designing a part to machining a very high quality and accurate finished component. We are very comfortable receiving and working with files such as DWG, DXF and IGES among others. Our continual investment in this area is vital to keep up with our customers ever demanding requirements for more complex and intricate finished parts.

CNC Turning

Our CNC lathes are used to create parts that are round in cross section. Multiple tools are held within our machines to allow for a number of operations to be carried out during a single cycle. Tapping threading boring are a few of the processes we undertake. Components requiring close tolerance bores are also our specialty.

Prototyping & sample service

We can offer a sample and prototyping service for cost effective analysis of part integrity, production times and feasibility prior to ordering, ensuring you get the component you require in the most achievable timeframe.

Bespoke Manufacturing

PSR focus on your requirements. We offer a bespoke service to ensure that your requirements are met on time, and on budget. We can help develop your ideas into an end result or take your model files and create the physical from the theoretical.

Cutting Service

We can offer a full CNC automated cutting service for a wide range of Engineering Plastic sheets up to 3200 mm length x 3200 mm wide up to 65 mm thickness. Billeting of rods and tubes up to 300 mm diameter is also possible.

Production Volumes

Having a broad range of CNC Machine capability, allows us to tailor our customer’s individual requirements to our capacity.

We are very pleased to work closely with our clients on prototype projects and equally with our OEM customers on larger volume parts. At PSR we go out of our way to offer a very personal bespoke service.

CNC Routing

Our high speed routers offer a unique dimension to machining plastics. Their ability to handle larger sheets typically,3050 mm x 1250 mm, in a wide variety of materials including; Polyethylene, Nylon, Acetal and PVC etc. These large sheet sizes optimise part production times and greatly increases material utilisation. These versatile machines are suitable for producing Prototypes, as well as medium to large volume OEM parts.


To complement our extensive production capacity we offer a bending and folding service. We can bend and fold multiple materials and thicknesses to your instruction.

On Site Evaluation

To support our customers, we offer onsite discussion and evaluation. We assist in developing ideas and concepts to sample parts and production pieces to make your process more efficient.

CNC Milling

PSR has a range of Fully automatic CNC milling centers. High speed spindles combined with multiple part holding options, make these machines an ideal choice for the manufacture of more complicated and intricate parts. Cams, gears wear pads, manifolds, Slide Bearings are just a few of the typical parts produced by us using this method.


We have experience supplying many different types of fabricated assemblies. Examples include, subassemblies for machinery, multiple combined components. This service is ideal for clients who do not have capabilities in house or the space necessary for this operation.


Thermoforming consists of softening thermoplastic sheet material using heat and then reshaping it into finished parts. At PSR we have many years of experience producing items such as machine guards and side plates, point of sale displays etc. utilising this technique. We can bend and fold multiple materials and thicknesses to suit your requirements.


The engineering plastics industry is forever changing and adapting to the needs of the consumer. PSR use the most forward thinking materials suppliers and through a combination of material development and customer service aim to provide the customers with the products they require, whether it be low temperature to high temperature operation, low co efficient of friction, or chemical resistance.

We hold a comprehensive stock of Polyethylenes, Nylons, Acetals, PET, PTFE, PEEK, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, PVC, and Polypropylene. Our vast experience in plastics means that we can offer guidance on material selection, design, and application ensuring the correct material is chosen and the desired product finish required for your applications.

Physical Properties

From Low coefficient of friction, to high temperature, High load, to high speed, Thermoplastics have developed greatly. PSR’s range of materials are geared towards offering you the best solution to your needs ensuring you have the correct material for your applications.

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PE is a semi crystalline thermoplastic with high toughness and chemical resistance offering superb impact resistance, high tensile strength, and high resistance to a wide range of chemicals including acids, detergents and hot water. It fully complies with the FDA regulations making it an excellent solution for food contact parts. It has been widely used in a wide variety of applications and industries due to its cost effectiveness and excellent machinability

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POM-C (Polyoxymethylene) is a highly crystalline thermoplastic, offering excellent low frictional properties and dimensional stability. In addition its high mechanical strength and toughness coupled with good machinability make it an ideal choice for the production of precision mechanical parts where tight tolerance control is essential. Having a very low moisture absorption, typically (0.08%), it is an ideal material for applications where parts come into contact with chemicals or are exposed to wet conditions.

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Cast Nylon

Cast Nylon (Polyamide 6) is manufactured by a pressure-less casting process. This is where the raw material, Caprolactam, is polymerized through a series of chemical reactions. Cast Nylon shows higher molecular weight and a higher degree of crystallization than the extruded PA6. It offers high strength, toughness and resistance to wear, impact and fatigue, and good machinability. Since its first introduction in 1950s, Cast Nylon has been widely used for many varied applications within many diverse industries.

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PC (Polycarbonate) has exceptionally high impact strength over a wide temperature range. It is a transparent amorphous thermoplastic, offering high impact strength and high dimensional stability, coupled with high resistance to acids and solvents. Having excellent electrical properties makes it suitable for a wide range of applications within the electronic/electric industries. Passing through our unique annealing process, DYNEX machine grade PC sheets are 100% stress free and offer excellent machinability and high dimensional stability.

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PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is one of the most widely used engineering plastics, together with POM-C and Nylon. Its excellent mechanical properties make it suitable for precision parts. It provides high tensile and mechanical strength, extreme hardness and excellent dimensional stability. The product has a very low coefficient of friction making it an ideal choice for wearing components.

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